SafeGait ACTIVE™ Install at Nazareth College

by Emma Percy | Nov 02, 2018
There have been some very exciting things happening in the world of Gorbel Rehabilitation! Betty Dolce announced that we have installed our very first SafeGait ACTIVE™ system. The Gorbel team worked long hours last week to install the system around clinic hours. 

SafeGait Active

Nazareth College issued our first order and is now the first on the planet with a newly launched SafeGait® product. 

ACTIVE is installed at first in the York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute, alongside their SafeGait 360® Balance and Mobility Trainer. When the new Golisano Training Center is completed in 2019 it will be relocated there.

While it’s great to get this first installation in, the real satisfaction is yet to come when there are patients in the system safely jumping after having their ACL reconstructed, or elderly clients practicing falls prevention techniques. Now that, will be awesome.

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