Gorbel® Rehabilitation Announces New Website Launch

by Pooja Sinha | Feb 14, 2019

Gorbel® Inc., the maker of innovative unweighting and fall protection devices for the rehabilitation and industrial markets, announces launch of new website, www.gorbelrehabilitation.com, which combines all of their products under one website to offer an enhanced user experience for understanding the benefits and features of the portfolio. The new website offers a user-friendly interface with faster speeds and improved functionality while highlighting comprehensive product features and clinical and financial information in support of all of their products. 

“We are thrilled to have our new website up and running! It’s a great tool for clinicians to learn about the clinical and financial value drivers that Gorbel®’s rehabilitation portfolio has to offer,” said Pooja Sinha, Product Marketing Manager. “Clinicians can easily access product information and specifications and get a better sense of the SafeGait® Solutions through our extensive library of videos featuring patients and clinicians sharing their experiences in working with our products.”

The new website features SafeGait 360® Balance & Mobility Trainer and SafeGait ACTIVE™, both of which are overhead dynamic body-weight support and fall protection systems. SafeGait 360® and SafeGait ACTIVE™, which make up SafeGait® Solutions, promote patient confidence and faster recovery, enable safer patient handling and increase profitability across the continuum of care. The new website also offers online purchase of StepRight® Stability Trainers, a wearable device that goes on over your shoes. Regular use of the StepRight® Stability Trainers can benefit anyone looking for enhanced athletic performance, rehabilitation after injury, better stability and fall prevention training. 

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