Gorbel is Proud to Receive the ETHIE Award!

by Jennifer D'alessandro | Nov 07, 2019
Gorbel® is proud to announce that we were selected as a WINNER of the Ethie Award! 

What is the Ethie Award? In short, the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation (RABEF) annually creates the opportunity to recognize companies who are living out a commitment to high standards for ethical behavior. Each year a list of “finalists” are chosen after an intense and thorough application process…which includes input like written testimonials of ethical challenges, how Gorbel® strives to build a culture of ethics, onsite interviews with employees, and more. And from these finalists there is the potential to be named as a “winner” at their annual award ceremony. Note that there is no set quantity of winners chosen each year; only those companies who meet the high bar set by the RABEF judging committee. So it is possible that in a given year no companies are selected as winners.  
This year there were 7 finalists named by RABEF. In the end, only TWO winners were named. Gorbel® and Faraci Lange. See attached picture of the 30+ Gorbel® team members who attended the awards ceremony. And congratulations to all the finalists...to which being named is a significant honor!

Gorbel_Ethie Award

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