Gorbel Inc. Teams Up With DIH

by Emma Percy | Oct 13, 2020


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Gorbel Inc. Teams Up with DIH

Gorbel Rehabilitation and Deliver Inspiration and Health (DIH) join forces to provide new solutions that solve real challenges and improve patient’s lives with SafeGait 360® and SafeGait ACTIVE

Victor, NY, October 13, 2020 / PRNewswire -
Gorbel Inc., innovative developer & manufacturer of smart material handling & fall protection systems, announced today that it has entered into a strategic agreement with DIH, leading global robotics & virtual reality (VR) technology provider, with a vision to transform the advanced rehabilitation care model through value innovation and business model design.

Under this Agreement, DIH will immediately integrate Gorbel’s Rehabilitation commercial team and intelligent rehabilitation systems into the DIH organization and product portfolio, with plans to take over the remainder of Gorbel Rehabilitation’s operations & IP by Oct 2021. Through a shared vision to improve people’s lives, Gorbel is committed to supporting DIH to ensure a seamless transition & ongoing innovation.

“Out of our passion for improving people’s lives, Gorbel leveraged its proven core technologies from industrial applications to the rehabilitation market seven years ago,” commented Brian Reh, CEO of Gorbel Inc. “We are proud of the innovative systems we have designed to improve the lives of patients and believe now is the time to partner with an established, global leader in the rehabilitation market. DIH will take the SafeGait® product line to new heights by delivering outcome-improving, integrated solutions to as many therapists and patients as possible.”

“The USA is a focus market for us, where we plan to strengthen our strategic investments in the coming years. We welcome Gorbel’s team spirit & proven products as part of our growth initiative for this strategic market,” said Jason Chen, DIH Chairman & CEO.

Dr. Patrick Bruno, DIH Chief Commercial Officer stated, “I’m excited to welcome the Gorbel Rehabilitation team to DIH and join us as we continue to build up our commercial presence, white-glove service, and training capabilities in the US market. Together we will pursue our mission to help physical therapists and their patients by partnering with thousands of rehabilitation facilities in this fast-growing market.”

“DIH provides a total solutions portfolio of advanced rehabilitation products for the research, hospital, and clinic markets,” noted Robert Guyatt, DIH Chief Solutions Officer. “Gorbel’s core products like the SafeGait 360® Balance and Mobility Trainer® and SafeGait ACTIVE™ dynamic mobility trainer will strengthen our product portfolio; their rich data attributes and proven clinical benefits complement our clinical integration concept well.”

Gorbel Inc. is the developer of the SafeGait® family of overhead dynamic body-weight support and fall protection systems for the rehabilitation market. The SafeGait® 360 and SafeGait ACTIVE™ products included in this agreement reflect DIH’s commitment to value innovation for the advanced rehabilitation market across the inpatient-to-outpatient continuum of care. For more information, visit https://www.gorbelrehabilitation.com/strategicagreement.

About Gorbel®: Since 1977, Gorbel’s mission has been simple: We improve people’s lives. That mission guides everything we do, from the products and service we provide to our outside customers, to the tools we create for our sales force, and the work environment we foster for our employees. We have a comprehensive line of Crane Technology products, Ergonomic Lifting products and, a line of Tether Track Fall Arrest Safety Systems. We are a manufacturer of overhead material handling and fall protection products in the industrial sector, and gait and balance therapy products in the rehabilitation world. Gorbel® is on the cutting edge of manufacturing; a thriving, growing company that is constantly seeking out new ways to innovate and elevate our products and our processes.

About DIH:

The vision of DIH is to Deliver Inspiration & Health to millions of people through innovative technologies in advanced rehabilitation therapy. DIH is a global solution provider combining innovative robotic & VR technologies with clinical integration & proprietary insights. Through strategic design and the integration of leading global niche technologies such as HOCOMA, a Switzerland based global leader in Robotics for Rehab, and MOTEK, a Netherland based global leader in sophisticated VR movement platforms, powered by real-time integration, DIH is positioning itself as a transformative total solutions provider & consolidator in a fragmented and manual-labor-driven industry.

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