SafeGait 360® at McLaren Flint

McLaren Flint became the second hospital in the state of Michigan to install and use the SafeGait 360® System when it opened its new Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit in late fall of 2017. This special system allows patients to walk and challenge their balance without the risk of falling.

Patients benefit from it because it takes away the fear of falling. So, we are able to challenge them in more difficult situations than we could without the system. For the therapists, it’s like another set of hands. This allows us to use our hands to help guide the patient’s body, while the system helps them keep their balance and maintain standing.

...A big part of our decision was the type of fall protection SafeGait® offers. Also, customer service is among the best that we were speaking with.
Deborah Reed, MPT, CBIS
Physical Therapist, McLaren Flint