SafeGait 360° Installed at MossRehab

#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in Pennsylvania, and top 10 in the U.S.

When given a choice, renowned centers like MossRehab, are selecting SafeGait as the only system allowing therapists to safely facilitate patient error and patient-initiated recovery. Proprietary dynamic fall protection and body-weight support technology are always active requiring no calculations or regular adjustments by therapists. The patented SafeGait Patient Management Software is easy-to-use, tracking patient performance by TASK and SESSION. Event time-stamping and standardized patient data export is ideal for research and patient comparison. And most important, SafeGait is a system where the primary focus for therapists remains on the patient rather than operating the device.

...when they are using SafeGait, our therapists can start (therapy) earlier and focus on guiding their movements rather than holding the patient up. So with this device we can offer patients substantially earlier, safer therapy and a greater sense of security, with the use of fewer resources.
Alberto Esquenazi, MD
Chief Medical Officer, MossRehab

MossRehab 2015 Activity Report

MossRehab is home to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of robots and rehabilitative devices. Read more about MossRehab's use of innovative technologies including SafeGait 360° in their 2015 Activity Report.

MossRehab 2015 Activity Report