Moving Freely & Confidently at Thompson Health

Thompson Health, the first full-time outpatient facility in New York State to offer their patients SafeGait Solutions

The Rehab Team at Thompson Health includes over 65 licensed, credentialed professionals from many disciplines. The rehabilitation specialists use SafeGait 360 to maximize the benefit and potential of their treatment procedures.

The first patient to use SafeGait 360 had suffered a stroke and experienced anxiety over the potential for a fall during previous PT sessions. He was reassured each time a fall was prevented and with every session in the system, he gained more confidence and pushed himself harder.

Physical Therapist Nancy Buerman, in the field for 35 years, says the SafeGait 360® is a welcome addition to the tools available in Thompson’s Rehabilitation Services Department because it takes away the concern regarding a potential fall, not only for the patient but for the therapist as well. “It gives you the freedom to try more difficult tasks, especially floor-to-stand and resistance walking – something you wouldn’t try with someone who has poor balance,” she says.

The SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer will allow us to expand our care to patients with severe orthopedic and neurological impairments. With its Dynamic Fall Protection, therapists can challenge their patients, improving their abilities and overcoming balance concerns in a safer and more effective way.
Carole Drake, MSPT, WCC
Director Rehabilitation Services, Thompson Health

Hands-on, 1:1 Safe Environment Between Patient and Therapist

Carole Drake, Director of Rehabilitation Services explains her decision-making process and “patient experience” with SafeGait 360®

If you'd like to hear more about how the SafeGait 360 is changing rehabilitation at Thompson Health, download our case study.

Thompson Health Case Study