SafeGait® Accessories include an array of patient harnesses designed to comfortably accommodate an extensive range of weight capacities and body types.
ACTIVE Harness
The ACTIVE Harness is designed for patients engaged in activities requiring more freedom of movement including falls management/prevention training and/or higher intensity exercise. With this harness, patients can freely perform lunges, jumps, running drills and reactive stepping without feeling the constraint of a more restrictive harness.
Bariatric Harness
Unloading Harness
The Unloading Harness provides maximum support for patients needing consistent body-weight unloading. It also provides increased trunk stability. The two panel design and detachable pelvic support piece allows for a wide range of adjustability and easy application in sitting and supine positions. A unique pelvic support piece also prevents excessive pressure in the groin area. One size fits most (waist size 55-78") Weight capacity 600 lbs.