SafeGait 360 Balance and Mobility Trainer
SafeGait 360® Balance and Mobility Trainer® is an overhead dynamic body-weight support and fall protection system that promotes patient confidence and faster recovery, enables safer patient handling and increases profitability across the continuum of care.








Clinical Benefits

Promoting Patient Confidence

Reducing the fear of falling can improve a patient’s confidence and encourage a more challenging, treatment plan. Patients who feel safe and protected from falls are more likely to push themselves to participate in increasingly difficult exercises.

Increased Intensity and Challenge

Increasing intensity and challenge in rehabilitation is clinically proven to lead to faster patient recovery. Without the need to guard, therapists can expand task choices resulting in a diverse intervention strategy that would otherwise be too risky. Click here to learn more.

Clinical Evidence

Patient and clinician testimonials show how SafeGait® Therapy enhances the experience of care. Click here to learn more.

Economic Benefits
Increased Profitability Across the Continuum of Care
SafeGait 360® enables a 1:1 clinician:patient relationship, improving overall workflow efficiencies across settings. With SafeGait 360 a single therapist can safely manage a patient session that would otherwise require an additional set of “hands."
Risk Reduction & Safer Patient Handling
Through the combination of fall arrest and body weight support SafeGait 360® mitigates the risk of fall related injury to the patient and therapist.

Inpatient Rehab

• Support early mobilization and more challenging interventions

• More efficient rehab sessions, 1:1 clinician:patient relationships

• Reduced length of stay due to faster patient recovery

Outpatient Rehab

• See more patients with the same amount of staff

• Attract more patients through the use of innovative technology

• Reduce the number of self-discharges

Skilled Nursing Facility

• Demonstrate more effective therapy in smaller increments of time

• Negotiate higher reimbursement rates

• Attract more patients through the use of innovative technology

Return on Investment

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Product Features
Patient Management Software
Our intuitive Patient Management Software allows therapists to create treatment plans and track patient performance by task and by session. Through real time monitoring the therapist and patient can get instantaneous feedback on their session. Therapists can also compare outcomes versus previous sessions and export the data to PDF or CSV files.