Our intuitive patient management software allows therapist to create treatment plans and track patient performance by task and by session. Through real time monitoring the therapist and patient can get instantaneous feedback on their session. Therapists can also compare outcomes versus previous sessions and export the data to PDF or CSV files or integrate directly with their EMR.
Software Benefits

Patient Tracking and Progress Reporting

SafeGait's patented software tracks patient movement 2500 times per second. Proprietary Patient Management Software offers an intuitive user interface that allows therapists to monitor progress in real time, adjust BWS, increase challenge and compare meaningful data from previous therapy sessions.

Plan of Care Creation and Monitoring

Every patient has specific needs and progresses at a different pace. Exclusive to the SafeGait Patient Management Software is the ability for therapists to create custom tasks or choose from an extensive list of transfer, gait & stair activities in the Plan of Care library to accommodate individual patient needs. Treatment options aimed at challenging patients are complemented by the ability to set goals and capture RPE. Progress reports offer evidence–based data for therapists to determine specific activities for therapy focus.

Real-Time Task Monitoring

Assign goals to specific tasks and monitor patient’s progress toward those goals. Patient Management Software allows for flexible adjustments to body weight support, on-the-fly, to increase challenge and accommodate specific needs.

Software Features