Return on Investment

In today’s healthcare environment, clinical benefits of a device must be matched with an equally compelling economic value.

With SafeGait, multiple therapists are no longer required to work in tandem as, in most cases, the assistance of one therapist is all that is required. Gone are the days of waiting for other therapists “to break away from their treatments” to lend a hand or of limiting the number of mobility trials a patient can complete in one session.

Integrating variable BWS with fall protection in a way that enables therapists to challenge patients to perform functional tasks is critical to their recovery. SafeGait facilitates early mobilization, heightened intensity and increased repetitions.

We have been able to attract more patients and increase daily patient volume. Since we installed SafeGait® our patient volume has increased by over 10%.
Carole Drake, MSPT, WCC
Director, Rehabilitation Services, Thompson Health

Inpatient Rehab

• Support early mobilization and more challenging interventions

• More efficient rehab sessions, 1:1 clinician:patient relationships

• Reduced length of stay due to faster patient recovery

Outpatient Rehab

• See more patients with the same amount of staff

• Attract more patients through the use of innovative technology

• Reduce the number of self-discharges

Skilled Nursing Facility

• Demonstrate more effective therapy in smaller increments of time

• Negotiate higher reimbursement rates

• Attract more patients through the use of innovative technology


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