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SafeGait 360 Videos

Yoga and Dynamic Movement

Students of physical therapy showcase the dynamic movement and dynamic fall protection capability of the SafeGait 360 system.

Turns on a Treadmill with SafeGait 360®

With dynamic fall protection this patient was able to practice turning on a treadmill while safely held in SafeGait 360.

Practicing Reactive Balance

Using a slip trainer combined with the safety of Dynamic Fall Protection, therapist can facilitate error and patients can safely practice reactive balance exercises.

Making Therapy Fun

After this patient's progress began to plateau this team of therapist came up with a creative way to get him excited about his rehabilitation sessions again!

Large Amplitude Movements with Parkinsons

This video shows a parkinsons patient participating in a study doing large amplitude movements such as sit to stand.

CVA Task Specific Fishing Game with SafeGait 360

With Fall protection and body weight support (BWS) being accounted for with the SafeGait 360, these student therapists can become as creative as they like and perform an activity this patient loves, Fishing! Watch for his reactive step at the end to catch his balance.

Dynamic Fall Protection Short Version with SafeGait 360

We invented dynamic fall protection at Gorbel and it is the primary mode of fall protection in our flagship unit the SafeGait 360. Watch as this patient is protected from a fall while attempting to reach for a cone during his therapy session.

Dynamic Fall Protection with SafeGait 360

Hear us describe dynamic fall protection in a bit more detail as this patient recovers on his own following a fall.

Dynamic Fall Recovery Short Version with SafeGait 360

We know how important it is for a patient to recover on their own following a fall, so they can learn reactive balance. That is why the SafeGait 360 does not start to automatically winch a patient up following a fall, allowing the patient to learn fall recovery.

Dynamic Fall Recovery with SafeGait 360

Here we see our fall protection on full display. The patient is able to reach down for the cone when his movement is intentional, but when he experiences a fall the SafeGait 360 registers this change in velocity and cushions the patient’s fall.

Dynamic Movement Yoga with SafeGait 360

The SafeGait 360 tracks patient movement 2500 times per second and allows for up to 50% of body weight support. With these robust features the SafeGait 360 is sensitive enough to detect the difference between complex yoga movements performed by this healthy physical therapy student and a fall, while also being strong enough to let her perform one arm push-ups!

Elderly Slips and Trips Training with SafeGait 360

This video is part of a series filmed at Nazareth College while performing a research study on slips and trips exposure in the elderly. Watch until the very end, where this patient starts taking reactive steps backwards following a slip. The full exposure time was only 8 minutes divided into 4 rounds of 2 minutes each!

Floor Transfer with SafeGait 360

A quick demonstration of a patient performing a floor to stand transfer, while also maintaining a one to one patient to therapist ratio.

SCI Bosu Squat with SafeGait 360

This patient with an incomplete spinal cord injury is maximally challenged while performing a squat on a Bosu ball, all while is therapists step back and observe the quality of motion.

Neuro Single Limb Balance Training with SafeGait 360

The therapist and patient are having a great time performing this ball toss activity, all while maintaining a one to one interaction and protecting the patient from a fall.

SCI Lateral Slips and Trips Training with SafeGait 360

This young woman practices lateral slips and trips training following an incomplete spinal cord injury, all while being protected from falling in the SafeGait 360.

SCI Moss Rehab Case Study 1-Month After with SafeGait 360

A picture is worth a thousand words and in this side by side comparison we can see the immense progress this patient makes after suffering an incomplete spinal cord injury. Even in the SafeGait 360 she goes from being extremely fearful of falling and needing 2 therapists to stand upright, to walking around the therapy gym as her therapist steps back in just under a month.

SCI Moss Rehab Case Study with SafeGait 360

Let Naomi Greenberg PT, DPT from Moss rehab talk to you about the recovery process of her patient that suffered an incomplete C2 spinal cord injury after a terrifying head on motor vehicle collision.

SCI Wheelchair Fall Protection with SafeGait 360

To the surprise of everyone in the therapy gym, this patient attempts a wheelie in his wheelchair and goes into a fall. You can hear the audible gasp of his therapist as he goes backwards, but in true therapist fashion she is able to turn it into a teachable moment because the fall was protected by the SafeGait 360.

SCI Wheelchair Training on Stairs with SafeGait 360

Educating patients on how to negotiate steps in a wheelchair is not only terrifying to the patient but to the therapist as well. Here we see the therapists calmly talking about the sensitivity levels they are using to practice this challenging task, all while the patient is being guarded by only one therapist and fully protected from a fall by the SafeGait 360.

SafeGait ACTIVE Videos

Ataxia Floor Transfer with SafeGait ACTIVE

This patient is able to test his physical boundaries, due to the fall protection provided from the SafeGait ACTIVE, and is successful with his floor to stand transfer on only his second try.

CVA Agility Ladder with SafeGait ACTIVE

These student therapists are able to observe and evaluate this patient with significant left sided weakness as he successfully steps through an agility ladder. With the fear of falling removed while using the SafeGait ACTIVE, this patient has the confidence to try more and more challenging tasks.

CVA Backward Ambulation with SafeGait ACTIVE

These student therapists allow the patient to find his center of gravity while walking backwards. Knowing that the patient will be protected with SafeGait Fall protection makes it easier to for the therapist to step back and allow the patient to error on his own to learn reactive stepping.

CVA Golf Swing with SafeGait ACTIVE

We know patients are more engaged and more likely to achieve their goals when performing therapy that helps them get back to the activities they love. With the SafeGait ACTIVE therapists can easily facilitate these tasks and increase the difficulty so patients can achieve their goals faster.

CVA Obstacle Course with SafeGait ACTIVE

The student therapists at this pro bono clinic really put this patient through the gauntlet in this challenging obstacle course. You can really see the level of challenge and amount of focus this patient has while trying to complete this course.

CVA Resistive Gait Training with SafeGait ACTIVE

Need to add more challenge to level walking with your neuro population? Watch this therapist still be able to perform one on one care while performing elastic band resisted ambulation.

CVA Scooter Ride with SafeGait ACTIVE

The therapists at this pro bono clinic never thought they would use their scooter with a patient that suffered a stroke. But here they are adding more challenge to their balance interventions with this patient getting on a scooter for the first time in years.

CVA Sidestepping with SafeGait ACTIVE

This patient starts to figure out on his own the best way to perform sidestepping, all while being protected from a fall with SafeGait ACTIVE.

Accel Mode with SafeGait ACTIVE

This student athlete can run an obstacle course without fear of reinjury due to a fall, because of the SafeGait ACTIVE in Accel mode.

Ortho Agility Training with SafeGait ACTIVE

There are no limits to the activities you can perform with the SafeGait ACTIVE, which gets athletes back to the sports they love sooner.

Parkinson's Bosu Lunge with SafeGait ACTIVE

Here we see a patient performing large amplitude movement all while being protected from a fall. Although the patient does experience a fall, she is able to correct for the loss of balance on her own increasing her balance confidence.

Prosthetic Task Specific Dancing with SafeGait ACTIVE

After suffering an above the knee amputation, all this patient wanted to be able to do was perform the first dance with his daughter at her wedding. Here we can see him practicing those dance moves as he prepares for his daughter’s big day.

Reactive Balance Training with SafeGait ACTIVE

Reduce patient’s fear of falling and improve their reactive balance using the SafeGait ACTIVE, and watch their confidence grow as they become more independent in their day to day lives.

SafeGait ACTIVE Dynamic Mobility Trainer

Check out the variety of patient populations and treatments you can perform while using the SafeGait ACTIVE. With the fear of falling taking out of the equation, therapists are only limited by their own creativity as they get their patients back on the road to recovery.

Neuro Reactive Balance Training with SafeGait ACTIVE

This video showcases some of the creative ways therapists can challenge the balance of the neuro population, increasing intensity and patient engagement with the SafeGait ACTIVE.